The Plant is housed in 2.5 acres of land with clean and green atmosphere. We also ensure that the process followed and waste disposable actions are environmental friendly. Machinery which are imported from Japan and Taiwan are maintained with meticulous care to ensure improved productivity of quality products. The performance of the Machine is closely monitored by the team responsible for Maintenance and Production by analysing the percentage yield on weekly basis and making further improvements in the yield by going for innovative techniques.


All products are processed in a controlled and dust free environment where Temperature, Relative humidity and Human comfort are maintained at the optimum level. The operators are provided with uniform and it is made compulsory to use chlorine free gloves while handling the products till it is hermetically sealed. We have provided Air curtains at the entry to the plant to keep a barrier from outside atmosphere and also to prevent dust coming inside the plant. Operators are trained specific to the nature of the work carried out including the setting precautions and the quality norms so that production is never taken on deviation. Besides, patrol inspector collects samples at regular intervals from all stages of production to see its conformance to the set quality norms.


Our product range covers Radial capacitors of

  1. Low Voltage (85° C and 105° C.)
  2. Medium & High voltage (85° C and 105° C.)
  3. Low Leakage
  4. Long Life & Extended Long Life
  5. Low ESR (85° C and 105° C.)
  6. Low Impedence Long Life
  7. Bi-Polar, Non-Polar etc.
Our Snap-In type capacitors and Lug type capacitors cover a range of capacitance upto 10,000 uF and a voltage range upto 500 WV. We have satisfactorily developed 1050 C special type Snap-in type capacitors up to 450WV and are being regularly supplied to OEM's and Dealers.

New Addition to the product range

  1. Radial Capacitors
    • Specially designed capacitors for Electronic Ballast and other Lighting Applications
    • Import substitute capacitors with DOT approval.
  2. Motor Start Capacitors
    • 230 V AC Motor Start Capacitors (Single Can and Double Can) for local requirement of single phase pump sets, air conditioners, wet grinders etc.,
    • 110 V AC, 125 V AC , 140 V AC and 150 V AC single can Motor Start Capacitors meant for export to Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico etc.,
  3. LUG Terminal Capacitors
    • Starting from 25 diameter to 45 diameter covering a range of very high CV values in Low Voltage, Medium and High Voltages.
  4. Professional Screw Terminal Capacitors
    • Starting from 35 diameter to 90 diameter covering a wide range of CV values including high voltage up to 500 WV.
Note: Design & specifications are subject to change without notice.


Materials are sourced from quality suppliers of repute from different parts of the world such as Japan, France, Italy, Korea and Taiwan based on the specification provided by us. Incoming Inspection department verify the quality with respect to the specification and Raw Materials and Components strictly confirming to the specifications are accepted.

All though the finished products are 100% tested in the automatic / semi automatic machines in the production, our Final Inspection Department take random samples as per INCAP standards which are inline with International standards and record the observations and sends a copy of the same to customers for verification as an objective evidence of the conformance to the set quality levels.

Reliability of any product depends upon the availability of proper testing apparatus and instruments. Our instruments are calibrated at periodic intervals and are maintained well to prevent the non confirming products going into the market. We are committed to provide quality product and service at competitive prices at all times.

This may be the obvious reason that most of the major OEM's and other buyers started using our product on DOL (DIRECT ON LINE) basis.

We strongly believe that right selection of the materials and its proper processing with quality checks at different stages of the process shall contribute to cost effectiveness and PPM level quality of the end product.


"Customer is the Key to our Progress" and we give utmost importance to the customer feed back regarding Quality, Delivery, Service and Cost. In order to maintain leadership in quality and service, we always analyse competitors product and also the customers input by a comparative evaluation techinique and the generated data is used for continuous improvement of our products in line with the changing demand of the actual user. This implies that we make what customers need and supply them to their satisfaction.

R & D Department collects samples of finished products at different intervals and subject them for different tests as per National and International Standards applicable for Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.

Our R & D efforts in nut shell "Boosting the productivity and performance of the products while cutting costs"


  1. Systems Approval : ISO 9001:2000
  2. Systems Approval : ISO 14001:2015
  3. Product Approval : C-DOT
  4. Approvals from MNCs as per their specifications


We firmly believe that continuous training of employees shall only contribute to improved quality with consistency. With this view in mind we organize training program to our employees which are specifically needed to carry out the work in an effective manner. This type of awareness creation coupled with the information on customer feed back improves the mindset of the employees about the changing market requirements and quality which act as an incentive to produce better quality products.


Our employees are the greatest resources to our Company and we see that this resource is growing in positive direction by imparting training on stress relieving and motivate them to take up larger initiatives and to work with dedication and team spirit. Employees providing ideas and suggestions are suitably rewarded which shall promote the generation of innovative ideas.

RELIABILITY and INTEGRITY are the corner stones of our services and this structutre is serving our customers excellently for several years now. It is our constant endeavor at INCAP to provide quality product and work towards "Customer delight".